Melissa Anderson for

ND House of Representatives

I'm Melissa Anderson and I am life-long resident of North Dakota and am proud to now call the Langdon area my home. I am a third generation North Dakota State University graduate. I have two small children, Aurora (6) and Luke (3), and am married to Scott Anderson, a diesel mechanic during the week and National Guardsman during the weekend who has served three deployments, the most recent occurring in 2018 to Kabul, Afghanistan. 

I have spent the last six years working at the Cavalier County Republican, the official newspaper of Cavalier County, covering everything in the area including the civic meetings held by the Langdon Area School District,  City of Langdon, and the Cavalier County Commission. It was during this time that my interest in government became more focused as I realized how every level interacts with one another. From the Federal interaction with State to State interaction with county to city, the trickle down effect of government means that each level is harder to access to work effectively together. 

The last decade of my adult life has witnessed an unprecedented level of political discord at the national level that is making it's way into state government. This "party knows best" approach to governing needs to stop. It's time that representatives in government represented those they are elected to serve rather than be another ballot for the party to count in their vote box.

State government is reaching ever deeper into the workings of county and city government. We need a return of local control without the pressure of unfunded mandates from the State legislature. This means that I am also committed to providing meaningful property tax relief to the residents of District 10 and all North Dakotans at the local level. A state government cannot say taxes won't be raised just because the state isn't while the counties and cities must to meet the new mandates they set forward. 

District 10 is a hidden gem in the state that will attract young families to the area with it's location and community spirit. This is the North Dakota of my youth and one that needs to be brought back to the state as a whole. Democracy is not a spectator sport and I can no longer sit in the stands watching when passionate players are needed in the game.

Your concerns are my concerns. 

Melissa Anderson

Candidate for House of Representatives