Veteran's deserve more

Senate Bill 2195 waves the $550 fee to reopen and close the burial plot of a veteran so his spouse can buried with him or her.  Both Republican District 10 Representatives voted against it, showing a disregard for those who sacrificed for our nation; but especially shows they don’t share the values of District 10 where 95 % of voters would have supported SB 2195.

However, that was not the only veterans’ bill that Republicans killed. House Bill 1518 would have established Veterans’ Courts.  Many states already have these.  Like Family Court works for those in that special area of need and Drug Courts work in that area, a Veterans’ Court specializes in the specific needs of veterans and active military personnel. Their only  argument when killing the bill was that veterans’ issues didn’t merit special courts.  Just let that argument hang in midair without comment. Both Republican District 10

Representatives voted against Veterans’ Court.















Republicans in our state really showed what they think of veterans when they killed House Bill 1053.  That bill would have made military retirement benefits exempt from state income taxes.  This has two reasons to vote in favor of it.  First, it is a relatively small way to say THANK YOU to those who served in our military long enough to get good retirement benefits. Second, retired military are great people and smart states compete for
them to settle in their states and not ours.  ONLY EIGHT STATES TAX MILITARY RETIREMENT BENEFITS.   

Republican District 10 Representatives' voted against 1053.  Thankfully, it passed in spite of them by a narrow margin and is now the law of the land.

Republicans say they support veterans. Evidence shows they do not support veterans.  Do not trust what they say, trust what they do.

District 10 Dem-NPL