Together We Rise

Many of us, Democrat- NPL believers, had a wake-up call on Nov. 2nd 2016, we recognized we must work harder. And so we did! District 10 Dem-NPL candidates took a beating along with State candidates and we all recognized the loss of a great President, replaced with a self-proclaimed real-estate billionaire with NO experience in government.

Several individuals with foresight acknowledged it was time for a change in D-10, so it began. A group that had years of hands-on involvement agreed to give up seats and assist on the sidelines. New people stepped up, banded together with help from previous chair holders and implemented strategies. Yes, it’s been a work in progress.

We’ve come a long way in building a coalition, meeting regularity, hosting events, reaching out statewide and nationally to “get it done”. At the annual D-10 convention held in Feb. 2020 it was evident progress has been made as there are now people in the pipeline, ready and willing to contribute in all aspects of the mission.

Elsie Magnus, D-10 chairwoman #BlueInARedState, has undertaken another run for State Representative. Her experience, determination and dedication shows you can’t keep a good woman down!

Quite a few in the group are new to politics, but bring skills readily shared, such as media technology. Many thanks to Melissa Anderson, running for State Representative, we couldn’t have possibly imagined campaigning in the time of COVID without her assistance. She’s the “IT” (information technology) expert allowing candidates’ message to reach all voters in D-10.

Charlie Hart fills out the slate in his run for State Senate as his resume notes leadership with experience, visit Face book: Charlie Hart for District 10 Senate.
This team has worked tirelessly since April upon agreeing to D-10 Election Committee (namely Ben Tucker) to step into the ring, identifying 4 key issues to be addressed: property tax relief, rural health care, infrastructure, and education.

The ring consists of supporters that are actively involved in the campaign, those who volunteered to do phone banking prior to the primary, those folks who carried signs in the parades at Park River and Bathgate on July 4th and again at the August the Deuce in Mountain. Volunteers who helped prepare food at house parties, July 14th pig roast in Cavalier at which State Candidates presented their vision on change required at the State
level. There are many people who donate money, call the candidates requesting yard signs, people on the street stopping to say thanks, as they recognize now is the time for change.

Charlie, Elsie and Melissa are walking the walk, talking the talk, and consider themselves ready. They know that your concerns are their concerns, they will represent you. At this point they need you to reach out to all voters in D-10, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, parents and those qualified voters that have never voted…tell them this year they must vote for Hart, Magnus and Anderson. We want this team to go to Bismarck to represent you, your values and our communities.


Together we are strong, together we can get this done, and together we will rise.

Thank you in advance!